We work with the best clients in the world.  They tell us that doing business with an energy retailer is not just about getting a great price.  

Clients see the benefits of their relationship with Ambit Energy through exceptional attention and customer service.

Ambit Energy has been in the large commercial electricity business since 2013. We provide a specialized client portal, along with a commercial team which responds in a timely manner to each client. Our agreements are easy to understand and thorough.

As your Energy Consultant, I take pride in working with you and look forward to adding value to the business relationship.  Ambit Energy is based in Dallas, Texas. We operate in 16 US States, Japan and Alberta Canada.

Ambit Energy is a debt free company and the winner of numerous JD Power awards. Ambit Energy Executives have 50 years of combined experience with large commercial electricity. 

More information about Ambit Energy can be found at my Ambit Energy partner site which handles residential and small business,  www.freepowersolutions.com.  Please contact me with any questions, 571-208-3673.

We look forward to working with you.